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I'm a 23 years old University student. I have always been kind of quiet when growing up (probably due to very strict father) but had always been reasonably happy and if not been pretty well at hiding it.

However, recently over the last couple of years I just feel like I don't care about doing anything and just feel physically and mentally drained no matter how much I rest or try to relax.

Maybe a contributor to it was getting Tinitus in one of my ears which if you don't know is a constant ringing 24 hours a day with hearing loss also, so having to get people to repeat things a lot and never having quiet can get very irritating and hard. Also I seem to be very irritated by the slightest things which again I never used to be like and I hate being like as sometimes, for example, my mum will say something and it isn't horrible or meant to be in the slightest but I just get so annoyed... Again I try not to show it so I end up just keeping quiet.

Other contributors off the top of my head which probably has lead to me being very Anxious is parents separating a couple years ago, dad remarries without telling myself or my sisters, pressure of trying to do well in everything, wanting people I care about to be happier before I think about myself, final university work and worrying about failing, money problems always on my mind and gets me down even if it isn't even that bad, etc... (lots of things over the years I just build up and try to ignore).

I had been just plodding on with everything and trying just to focus on University and the life, however more recently (last couple months or so) I have been feeling these symptoms a lot more along with dizziness, a weird throbbing/pulsating in my head, what I can describe as mild panic attacks while trying to sleep (have read other people with same thing where they are about to sleep when they feel a falling/rush/fuzzy/scary?/as if something is chasing me/HAVE to open eyes or it feels like I might get hurt. but as soon as I'm about to drift often again these sensations come again...normally only 4-5 times however last night it went on for a good hour so I have decided to finally visit a GP and perhaps get help as its actually pretty frightening.

Other symptoms I annoyingly have (especially at University) is just a low sex drive... which I kind of play off but every time I'm in bed I just fill my mind with "what ifs" and panic and can't become aroused... so I end up just saying I drank too much or something.

But yeah... that's some of the things which has been on my mind and think I need some help as it's driving me crazy.


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Hi, you are describing anxiety! You sound like you give yourself a tough time too! It will all get better if you let it , how fantastic you've got to university after family problems sounds to me like your really trying , read up on anxiety , you are not alone, all of the symptoms sound like anxiousness , your young and healthy with a wonderful full life ahead, take each day as it comes, let the feelings come and pass do not be afraid, nothing bad will happen you are strong ! Believe in yourself. All the best .

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