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Just not convinced

I'm honestly not sure how much longer I can take feeling this way:/ Sunday I had the worst panic attack I've ever had my whole body went completely numb and I couldn't breathe for what felt like 45 mins. I had to turn my air down to 50 just to be able to calm down. ( cold seems to be the only thing that helps me calm down ) I was shaking so bad afterwards and still shaking today my nerves feel like they have yet to recover from Sunday. I hurt all the time and can feel every bone in my body grinding against the other. Is there more than anxiety wrong with me? I've been to the doctor more than anyone should be in a year! It's an awful feeling and I'm so tired of constant crying, heart burn and back pain.

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Yes sounds like anxiety , it can take the nerves a while to settle down after a bad attack like you discribed , partly because your sill subconsciously still on high alert it could happen again!! It will ease but you have to let it, distraction is the best thing! Your favourite film, walk, phone a friend , write it down seeing it in black and white can help lots it doesn't look so scary, read if not a book read up on anxiety amazing how interesting it is when you suffer from it!! Anything to take you away from the inner pysical symptoms , stop you dwelling on what happened, time will pass and it can get easier.


Thank you so much!!

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Aye - I agree with everyone else who says it's likely to be anxiety - but definitely worth raising your concerns with your GP. At least it's been aired then and he can reassure you.

All of your symptoms do sound a lot like what I know to be my anxiety. Heart burn can be caused by acid reflux or a handful of other things, and if you're having digestive problems too it's all indicative of a nervous system which is beginning to slow down a bit because of stress and anxiety. The internal muscles we can't consciously control struggle to cope as well when we are stressed out.

Being very tuned in to your "insides" is another symptom of anxiety, and it can be very frightening and horrible at times. I'm particularly focused on my throat; so I'm constantly thinking I'm going to choke on my tablet, food, or something else and my swallowing is really bad. It seems we all find our little something to focus on and this fuels our anxiety more because we begin to focus on bodily sensations that we used to simply ignore.

It took me 4-5 years of agoraphobic anxiety before I could accept that my troubles were anxiety and that I wasn't likely to drop dead suddenly any time soon. Every now and then, in the moment, it still happens; but it's the wider knowledge and understanding (and time surviving) that makes you realise you're not going to die or have something seriously wrong with you.

I hope you get relief soon - and if you are battling with the thoughts in your head, your doctor will be well informed to help you decide whether it's anxiety or something else, or perhaps a combination of things.

Wish you well x

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Hey I know how you feel and what helps allot is to excersise daily

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