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Help help help blue dot I wudnt have anxiety if this would go away seeing blue dots

I have had lack of sleep due to the birth of my beautiful baby girl that's what's makeing me worse I dontwant to die so young I am 22 and floaters are ruinning me just keep thinking tumur and death

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John you have not got a tumor you have been checked out and everything is fine and a tumor would not last this long before you would have known about it

You have said you are tired that can cause these floaters you maybe looking at bright lights without realizing it and again causes them and I am sure you are not going to die with floaters , I have never heard of anyone dying with them yet & you won't be the first to make history !

I know you say if it was not for these floaters you would not have anxiety but I have read posts ( even though admit most are about floaters ) where you have been panicking over other Health issues and as I have and still do to some degree suffer with health anxiety I do feel this is what you have and if it was not these floaters eventually you would find something else because this is how Health Anxiety works

John , go & see your Doctor , tell them your fears , tell them how it is taking over your every thought and stopping you enjoying all you have including your lovely little family and ask for some help , it is there John you just need to ask :-) x


I agree with Bounce John, you are panicking and lack of sleep will make everything seem ten times worse!! Do get checked out by a Dr, it could be blood pressure or even something to do with your sight, so maybe see an Optician too.

Health anxiety is the pits but you must always think positive and don't let the bad thoughts get to you.

I say to myself, No, I don't have time to think about this now, I'm going to move on with what I'm doing and not let negative thoughts spoil my day, keep telling yourself this John and eventually you'll learn to deal with this awful thing anxiety.

Enjoy your gorgeous new baby John.

Best wishes.


Im 27 and havr floaters all the time. It could be trapped dust. Also , schedule an eye app. When I went they rold me I was okay. Im 99.9% sure you dont have a tumor. You would have other symptoms.

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