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So i have been waking up for the past 4-6 months, sweaty anxious and very nauseated. I'm extremely parched and have very dry mouth and upon drinking water i get the weirdest sensation in my throat. Its hard to explain but its like I need to burp or something is stuck IDK. After drinking water I will normally get very nauseated and I will throw up the water and bile. This has repeated itself for a long time. I don't have much of an appetite and the only way i can stop feeling sick and nauseated to a certain extent is by smoking weed. Which i do have a Medical Recommendation for. So my issue is i know I need to go to the doctors, but everytime i merely think about it, I get an anxiety attack and get intensely sweaty Hot/cold flash, extremely nauseated and all around just feel like dying. I am 20 years old and dealing with very stressful circumstances. I haven't been able to get out of the apt. in the last month to do much of anything. My last attempt to go shopping caused me to almost have an accident because i would get anxious while driving. Please help!

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Have you tried drinking herbal teas?? Chamomile and valerian are good for helping you sleep. They calm you down.. Be strong and go to see your doctor


I will have to try that my only issue is my nausea. Which is so intense i will throw up water constantly.

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Hi sweety

i know exactly what you are dealing with and how hard it is. I first experienced an anxiety attack about 3 years ago and it really scared me because I wasn't sure what was going on with me. Thought I was loosing it! Have it all, racing heart, sweaty palms, tingly sensations, dizziness, spacey and light headed. but I started doing a lot of research and got a book called, From Panic to power by Lucinda Bassett. It helped me immensely! Helped me to understand and accept that I, indeed was suffering from anxiety. Reading on it has helped me a lot. There are a lot

Of helpful techniques, such as breathing, writing and more. I personally do not want to be on meds. I told myself I could get through this and looking back I'm happy to say I've learned how to cope with it. Understanding and accepting that it's just anxiety and can't harm us is key. My father recently passed and It triggered it back but once again I'm learning to just try and ride with it. Knowing I've conquered it before. Please Do not feel alone, I know how horrible it can be, like no one in this planet understands. Trust me, I do. Talk to your doc and anxiety specialist, you will get through this


If you are on meds , they can make your mouth dry and meds can upset your stomach. Ginger tea is good for nausea. Drink cup when you feel nauseous. If on meds, try taking with food like yogurt .


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