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Hello....I recently have been suffering terribly from anxiety attacks.The heart palpitations is what is killing me, along with nervousness, and insomnia. I went to a psychiatrist who prescribed me the A pill, and a anti depressant.I have been taking the A pill for a month, but I ran out of my prescription. I can't refill for another week.I decided to try the anti depressant out of desperation last night, and thought I would die. I have been having the heart palpitations all day n night . I'm exhausted and extremely desperate to find away to relax . I've tried everything.Please offer suggestions.

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Why can't you get another refill? can you get to a doctor who can prescribe you the pills sooner?

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I pressed the submit button too soon. What things have you tried doing to relax?

Listen to some music you like. I used to think this was ridiculous but I have found it really helps.

Look up some guided meditation on YouTube.

Try going for a walk or bike ride.

Maybe call a friend and have a lighthearted chat or gossip lol.

Another thing that helps is lavender essential oil put it on your wrists temples and neck or in a humidifier.

Also purchase a herbal tea that has lavender in it.

I hope you feel better soon. I was feeling this way for most of the day but I'm much better now I always seem to relax and feel better at night I don't know why this is...


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