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Heart related anxiety

Hello, I know I already asked something related to this, but you know how anxiety is :( I really need reassurance. If there was something wrong with my heart the symptoms won't go away and come back or for example if I get random flutters in the chest ( they were every they before and currently I get one weekly or so) I used to feel extremely light-headed and I must say that is getting better, also dizzy, nauseous, jelly legs, pounding in ears randomly etc. There are days where I don't get any symptoms. I had numerous doctors telling me I am fine, had blood work(heart enzymes, blood clots, full blood), ecgs, holter monitors with no events and one xray 4 months ago. I really wonder if these tests rule out everything or I need to ask for more?

Thanks in advance to all the good people that will respond :)

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I also get same symptoms. I always got freaked out about the ear fullness as it would also bring on short dizzy spells sometimes or made me feel real foggy. Made me think I had a brain tumor. My legs get pain sometimes, strange sharp pains, doesn't help I have a couple vericose veins from pregnancy. I get nauseous lot more then I want. I even remember being in high school and always having a stomach ache everyday and wanted to puke, but never could. Nerves really do a wonder on the body. What really get me by is that my pain and symptoms have come and gone for the past 8 months. In the beginning they were strong and took control over me. Every time I get them now I see a lesser effect on my mind, or they become weaker. It's bc I'm either learning to cope with them or bc I'm finally realizing it's just my anxiety. Either way it does get better, even though it will knock u down sometimes , you always have to go foward. Pain in the body is what sets off my anxiety. All of my anxiety started with an emergency c section I had last summer. Always try to find the source of your anxiety

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