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Controlling anxiety

I just wondered if anyone had any tips on dealing with anxiety when you are out alone. I have developed a real fear of leaving my flat by myself and become very anxious when in large shops/supermarkets. I'm terrified of having an anxiety attack when there isn't anyone around to help me. I need to overcome this as I am getting sick of being stuck indoors all the time. I used to be such an independent person!

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I wondered rather than thinking of the big shops and been in them alone could you possibly start with the smaller ones so you can build your confidence up first

Whenever you are going out no matter where you go I am sure there would always be someone that would come to your aid if you needed it but I know that is how the anxious mind works it likes to tell us all these negative thoughts it helps it to keep a hold of us and we have to let is know who is the boss and that is going to be us :-)

Would it help to have a few things with you , like your mobile if you really thought you felt like you were going to be ill then you could phone someone , a bottle of water and sipping on that can take the edge of feeling panicky or do you have a little lucky charm or a small stress ball anything small you could keep in your hand & if you feel slightly anxious it may help to give you some security and comfort

Also would it be an idea if you wanted to go in the big shops to just say you would go in & buy one or two things to start with ad then come out again to try & help build your confidence up

Maybe set yourself some small goals each week to try and overcome these feelings , tick them of as you do them until you reach where you would like to be again

Also remember a panic attack ( I know unpleasant ) but they reach their peak , there is only so far they can reach & once they do they only have one way to go which is back down again , so if you feel those triggers maybe find a bench , a seat somewhere , get your water out let it reach it's peak knowing in your mind nothing bad will happen except that it will come down again

Not sure if this will help but I am sure little steps and you will slowly get there :-)

Take Care x


Hi Lauren anxiety is not easy it's a constant battle I know how you feel when you have your child with you and your getting all these mad thoughts what if I die here who will take my child but believe you me it's just a negative taught in your head every one is going to die sometime and we can't change that just keep fighting back tell yourself it only my anxiety playing it's tricks on me try not think off going out just go and do it distract yourself look in shop windows count people whatever you will be fine and if you ever need to tlk I'll be here no matter what try get the book Claire weeks it's very good it will help young

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Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch. I will certainly take your advice on board xx


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