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Hi I suffer from anxiety also I was doing good now I feel everything is falling apart ever scene my daughter got in trouble with the law I went and signed into mental health I am trying to keep it together for my other 2 kids my doctor put me on a new med but I have yet to start it for my anxiety due to the fact I am so stressed it is had to keep food down I am nausea don't want to do nothing but sit and cry I have been good with keeping clear liquid down I just feel everything is falling apart how do I keep hope and when will I get better how long does this take

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It is so hard to know how long to all your Questions , I think we have all asked this at some stage and it can be different for everyone but keep faith that it will get better :-)

I am sorry to hear about your eldest a Mum we never can let go no matter how old they are & I think we always feel responsible no matter how old they are but reality is that we can only do so much and then they get to a stage where they start making their own mistakes and through doing so we have to hope that they learn from them , love them but let go ( I know it is one of the hardest things a parent has to learn to do )

You are so right though you have two more Children so you have to focus on them & their needs and to do that you do need to get better and you will

The medication sounds like you may need to take it I know when our anxiety is high it can be hard to eat , do you need to eat to take the medication ?

If so then could you manage just a couple of biscuits or a slice of toast when you take them , I know may not seem much but would be just enough to give your stomach a lining to help adsorb them

Keep talking to others that understand that helps knowing people do care x


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