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Hi everyone keep getting this weird feeling in my nose like not breathing right have been put on citrol didn't take one last night as I was scared to death and cried all day yesterday was on 10 ml of citrol went docs today he wants me to go up 20 then 30 don't like taking tablets just want to get better as it's effecting my little one will this breathing issue ever go he's also referring me for counciling someone any advise as I think I'm going mad

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Be reassured you are not going mad but I know when our anxiety is at it's worse we can feel like we are as well as feeling no one has ever felt the way we feel but they have & some of them are on here sharing with others so you are not alone

Not sure how long you have been on the medication , do you think they are actually causing this breathing problem or your anxiety because maybe you have a fear of meds ? I know I do & whatever sort of meds I have to take as soon as I take one my anxiety takes over and tells me I am getting side effects

Medication for anxiety is a personal choice and your Doctor cannot force you to take them if you don't want to ?

You have to do whatever is best for you and it is also in your hands which way and what help you want when you see your Doctor to ask for some help , maybe rather than increasing your dose you need to go back and tell them exactly how you feel , you may have done this already but if you feel like you were not listened to you should go and talk again & if the Doctor you see is not very understanding could you maybe have an appointment with another Doctor in the same surgery who might be more understanding

The Counselling once it starts and you get into it will really help you to start to understand where your anxiety is coming from so keep hold of that thought & do not despair things will get better , give yourself time , don't be harsh on yourself , the more you can accept this is anxiety the fear will get less and then the symptoms will to

Take Care x


Thanks so much for your replies great to know someone is there still having these breathing issues trying to relax so I won't hyperventilation. It's really challenging keep telling myself it's head there's nothing wrong with your breathing try keep going as long as I can seem as my docs don't care she just tuned and asked me did I want to go into hospital never even checked my heart or lungs as I'm suppose to have mild emphysema as well and I do smoke and worst with this anxiety



Have you looked on the British Lung Foundation on HU

If you go to My communities and search in there you will find it

They may have some good advice , just a thought it may not be for you though but worth a look :-) xxx


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