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I worry about worring i know it sound silly but

I worry about worring if theres nothing in my life to really worry about i will worry about worrying, i dont understand it. I have to go parkhouse today to see my doctor and i dont know what to tell him hes going to ask me how i feel and what make me panic and scared about going out my front door and i honestly dont know i just know that i do. He going to think iam not telling the truth i know he will, im begining to get ready now to go but its like iam stuck to my stairs i feel like i cant move than about 30 mins before my appointment i'll start to panic and run round the house like an idot trying to get ready pls help.

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First your doctor understands your doctor very well,

He wont think you are an idiot!!

Nobody does , this thought is getting in your mind because anxiety has made you more prone to negativity!!

This is the only reason those thoughts are coming in your mind!!

Just go and meet him!!

Everything will be okay!!

I assure you!!


Thank you i'm nearly ready now but its getting harder as time gos on but i will go. Thank you again 😊 jane


Hi...I'm guessing that you made it to the doctor and he told you that it is anxiety?

You are the first person I've ever heard use the very same term I have used for years! I worry about worrying.....I say it because it's what I do. It scares and panics me. You are Not alone in this. You are probably over stressed and then it becomes a vicious circle.....thinking, stress, physical symptoms, worry and on and on. After a while we get good at it.

Something we do over and over we learn to do well. Unfortunately, instead of learning practicing something good, like piano or drawing etc. we practice our fear tactics. I know because I'm an "expert" at that.

I'm sure your doc had some suggestions for you. There is something new I'm trying that with practice is helping some. Give it a try. Look on the Internet for "tapping". It's a way on helping your mind calm down. No drugs involved!'s very interesting and harmless.

Hope you are better today..



Hello hope your feeling better today are your meds helping keep getting the help as long as it's needed take good care of yourself 🍷


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