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Anxiety attack in teens

Im 17 female..I have panic attacks, anxiety,some phobias. ..I do stress alot almost everyday ,few months ago I always get sharp headache I thought I had brain cancer n went for CT Scan, they were normal n doctor said im just having anxiety, right now everyday after I wake up in like an hour I'll get this spasms(bubbling feeling) and squeezing feeling in my chest, lightheadedness and fatigue. Chest,left arm, back pain when im about to sleep or even when im just laying down but usually its worser when about to sleep at night, which I can't even sleep peacefully and I will stay awake because im scared its a heart attack which cause me more anxiety. .I really need help for this I can't take it because I have a big test this coming November , I wonder what can heal me :'(

Question : is it really just anxiety and stress causing this? Im just scared

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HI, I'm sorry your feeling so bad, and I no just what your going through, mine started at about 10 yrs. old. I'm now 66. I've suffered through soooo many panic and anxiety attacks through the years, almost daily. My mom did too, she used to say she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy :( I read a lot of books and articles on this. some have really helped. Try getting your mind off of it, go to what they call your happy place, Picture a happy relaxing time in your head, a person, a child that makes you smile, a really good time you had. find a happy place and put it in your mind so when you need it you can go there, and then use your stress breathing. Turn on music you really like loud, and if you need to, pace the floor. The exercise is good for you to. And when your mind starts getting to you just say STOP !!! as often as you need to. None of this is easy, but it does work. But you have to keep doing it. soon it will last longer and longer each time. And you will have set backs but each time it will be a little easier cause you can tell yourself STOP!!!! Iv'e been through this before, hundreds of times, and I CAN do it again !! Happy place, Music, something as simple as a smile you remember on someone you loves face, or a child making you laugh, or a pet making you laugh :) A joke you heard, and keep pushing the scary thoughts out, say NO!!!!! and go on to something happy again. Plan what your happy place will be. Sound Crazy? try it, it will work, its not a cure, its like taking a pill it helps for a while then later you will have to do it again, but the times will be farther and farther apart :) good luck. No one can do it for you, so work at it, really work at it.


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