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does anyone get derealisation with their anxiety, I think I have it as surroundings I've been around for many years don't seem as familiar to me anymore but there's a few other symptoms I get which I can't put my finger on which are memory and focus, I've noticed my memory has gone downhill, I can recall some stuff but I can't picture myself doing it or where I know it from I can't remember what I've done last week or even yesterday. it does worry me but I know it'll pass in time, i'm just curious whether anyone feels like this with derealisation too or if it's just me.

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Yes I struggle with memory/concentration/focus this is common with anxiety and derealization.

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thank you, It's literally been driving me mad, I try not to think about it but at times I can't help it, like I said I know it'll eventually fade but going through the journey off it is quite debilitating at times.


Many people when young can feel they are far away when someone is talking to them.

It can be very unsettling. It will eventually disappear. If it keeps happening, see your GP

It may settle you. He will check you over to settle your mood



I've had bloods done to rule out anything else, I just find it a bit weird as I don't even feel my anxiety is that bad but saying that the first time I was diagnosed with anxiety I did have depersonalization which was much worse than what i'm going through now, so maybe the derealisation/depersonalization is more severe when the level of anxiety in ones self is quite high.


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