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Anexity and work

I'm in catch 22 at min been off sick from work now 11 weeks n don't qualify for ssp

I'm still nowhere near my self and thinking about going back to work is stressing me even more with stress of money etc

I av 2 boys which I love to support the best I can but a friend told me there's no shame in avin to give up work if I need to

How many of you av been in similar situations with work

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hi kirsty im sorry to see how you might need or want to return to work ! but always listen to your doctor regards going back to work as you say you dont feel ready to go back just yet ! your friend is right there is no shame in having to give up work if you cant cope eventually if your employer would agree what about reduced hours or a phased return ! ive been there regarding finding it hard to return back to work please take careand i hope you feel well soon david


Hi thanks for the reply I only work 3 hours a day anyway they offered me reduced hours but been on zero hour contract I don't get payed for them reduced hours

It's a big decision but I'm going to make the right choice for me n my family x


Hi Kirsty,

I have just made a similar decision. I returned to work after 6 months off and it's awful. I am vstill doing a phased return but then will hand vin my notice. I feel so guilty and depressed because I feel a failure but I've decided that money or not I cannot live with how I'm feeling at the moment. Good



Hi tech

That's the problem that I don't want to feel even worse at the minute n I think with my job I will

Just going to take each day as it comes and then see what happens in the 17th August when my note runs out

That's all we can do take each day at a time n not jump ahead of ourselves


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