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I'm feeling paranoid and I don't know why. How do I stop?

I have no idea what is wrong with me. I keep checking over my shoulder and feeling like inanimate objects are watching me. I don't know what provoked this, but it's like 230 and I can't sleep.

I normally feel paranoid that things are watching me but this is way worse. Everytime I close my eyes I think that something(don't know what) is coming over the foot of my bed.

I'm 13 and I'm starting highschool next week. I can't stand school and just thinking about going back makes me want to kill myself. I've had extreme anxiety over it for a few days and I think that this is related somehow but I need a way to fix it. Please help!

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Have you spoken to your parents about it? Would it help if you watched something funny on your computer/iPad/iPhone or play some games that will help to get your mind of things?

Maybe you could sleep in your parents or siblings room until you feel a little better?

I hope you feel better soon

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Oh sweetheart, please talk to your parents about this. Please! High school is rough and my very first onset of panic attacks and the constant thought that I was going crazy appeared when I was 14 years old. Guess what, I never went crazy, graduated from high school, earned a college degree and am okay!

You can't suffer alone. Please talk you your parents, a counselor or someone you trust. Xxx


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