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Please read Hie everyone,i hope everyone is takeing good care of them selves,but as for me i havent been feeling that greatly,everyday im trying not to focus on my symtoms,im trying to focus on getting better,i notice when i go to my gym i feel better.but when im back on my way home im sad again,i isolate my self from people places and things,im always thinking that someone is going to hurt me if i alow them in my circle to be my friend,always worrying i have no friends at all,thats because ive had people in the past do me really wrong,im married and i have a 6 year old autisum little handsome boy,that means the world to me,sometime i even get mix feeling about my husband,im always thinking that my husbabs is going to do something wrong,sometimes i wanna talk to my husband and sometimes i dont,and my husband never done anything to me,these moods swings just come out of no where and they last up for about an hour or maybe a whole intire day,i just started tracking my mood swings how long they last for,i love my husband so much he puts up with it we been togeather for 9 years.and married for 4 years going on 5,i really love him but i just get these mix feelings.could this be my anxiety,please any answer could give me some relief thanks...

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Yes it is


I understand, I've been going through all of this stuff for 50 some years, talk to your Doc. He can give you something Like Xanax to help you, Or Prozac, you would not believe what a difference it can make in how you feel, and deal with things. The meds, won't hurt you, and I get on and off when ever I want. If it feels too strong Take half the dose, as long as its not time released it can't hurt to take half, that's what my doc. says give it a try what have you got to loose :) good luck Talk to your Doctor.


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