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Does anyone suffer from what I call disengagement? I have fluctuating moods and sometimes just shut down. My partner thinks it is hormonal and says I have a spell of being close to him then I just become really distant. He decribes a wall he has to break down. I know I am very tired at the moment and we get bogged down with family life, having little quality time to ourselves. We also have clashes in our personality which gets me down though overall it is not worth us splitting up over. He is getting frustrated with me as I am falling asleep every night on the couch, though mostly I do wake up and go to bed.

I think there are a few things going on, anxiety which links to depression and also I may have food intolerances which is being investigated so this may be affecting my mood.

It would be good to chat to someone who can relate to any of this post.

Thanks xx

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Your partner could be right about the Hormonal thing

I know for me & now I am going through the menopause as well I get just like you , I want to push everyone away but most of all those who are close to me including my husband , it cab get that bad I get annoyed with him just breathing and when I feel like that I pick fault with everything about him !

But after it settles down then I like him again and wonder why I was feeling that way , I think if you see a pattern that once things come back to normal that you still really love him it then it is not him but could be hormones , have you spoken to your Doctor about this , they can do a hormone test to see what your hormone level is like , it is just a simple blood test and if there is an unbalance they can try & rectify it if it is causing you problems

Some people swear by Evening Primrose which you can get from most chemists as well as even in Supermarkets now , always check with your Doctor even though it is natural that they are happy for you to take it

Sometimes this can be something that we just have to learn what we need to do for us when we have these weeks , usually be kinder to ourselves can be the simple answer & not beat ourselves up as we tend to do

Anyway I could relate to what you said & sure others will to :-)

Take Care x


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