And to think I was doing so well...

So right about 5 minutes ago I was relaxing on my bed, and when I stood up to walk out of my room, BAM! I started to have a full blown panic attack! I felt like I had lost all feeling in my body, and that I wasn't me anymore, then I started to lose feeling in my hands and my chest hurt when I tried to breathe! I felt really scared and thought I might have to go to the emergency room. I felt like I was gonna die. Then I thought to myself, I've been through this before, and I've made it out alive, just hang on. And sure enough the symptoms went away. It was weird because I wasn't even doing or thinking about anything stressful, but once I started feeling detached from reality, I got really scared, and everything else just went downhill from there.

Has enyone else experienced random panic attacks?


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  • Let us just start form saying, You are not the only one.

    Anxiety disorder is actually a condition where anxiety becomes RANDOM. That just makes PANIC ATTACKS random. Once you have it, you will never have control over these outbursts of anixety.

    Usually people have a set pattern, Like me, I am more prone to get an attack after a heavy meal. Most people say, thinking triggers it, but I say, your thinking has nothing to do with triggering your attack. The trigger is usually random, once it starts, that's when your thinking starts affecting it. After the attacak starts, it then becomes your thinking's job, to either make it worse, or get you out of it.

    My attacks are usually as random as they can be. So don't worry, they can and they will be as random as they can be.



  • Mmm Im gonna have to disagree with you on the thought that one "will never have control over these outbursts of anxiety". Sure, one may not be able to control when and where it happens, but once you have a panic attack you CAN most definitely be able to get yourself under control; I was able to. However, I do agree that once you start panicking, your thinking can either work for you or against you. Thanks for your reply, and it's comforting to know that I am not alone ;)

  • I think I wrote it in a way, where it meant differently.

    BY this "will never have control over these outbursts of anxiety" I meant what you exactly said, "Sure, one may not be able to control when and where it happens".

    And if you read my post carefully, you'll see that I have just said exactly what you said. I am glad our thoughts match. Sorry if I sounded a bit misguiding :p

    Bliss and Bless


  • Oh! I understand haha. Thanks for clarifying ;D

  • Yeah, I get random anxiety and its just so ridiculous because there's no reason for it to happen. I'm glad you were Able to talk yourself down. Great job. it does help to reassure yourself that you'll get through it, you can handle it because you have before. I hope you're still feeling good.

  • Thanks! Yea random anxiety is very unecessary and uncalled for. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! ;)

  • Absolutely, One min. I'm fine the next I'm in a full blown panic attack. It's really scary and people can't understand this if they have never gone through it. I went through a really bed spell of thinking I couldn't Breath. It would just come out of no where, there were certain bad hours like the times I knew every one was busy, so I felt really alone and helpless. I was like thirty something and my mom had had panic attacks most of her life so she understood. So when I'd call her she'd come over talk me out of it, and sometimes she'd have to spend the nite. She's in heaven now, and I'm a widow so I don't really have any one to help too much, my son trys to help but hes divorced and has two children and hes having his own health problems and panic attacks, so we're trying to help each other. Sometimes (a lot) I have to turn my music up real loud, and pace the floor. Sometimes I don't no how I'm going to face the rest of the day, or the nite, or the panic attacks that wake me up. But I get through it, and you will too. Its been at least forty years for me, so I no you can do it. It will get better, and there will be set backs, but it will get easier in time :)

  • Me too! It's very hard when I'm driving or in a meeting at work and, literally out of nowhere, I'm starting to panic. I am very aware of my anxiety symptoms and the sooner I accept I accept the anxiety- and accompanying symptoms- for what they are, the more control I have over the situation. I know, for me, it's best to ride it out as it always goes away. I haven't gone crazy, and I'm still alive.😉

    By accepting the symptoms for what they are, I can stop the escalation to full blown panic. If I get even more scared during the beginning of symptoms of panic or anxiety, it becomes a vicious circle; now I'm panicking over the panic symptoms.

    Peace and you will get through this!

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