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Help !

So I have a long term problem with anxiety. This last week I have been suffering a permanent headache with Dizzyness as well it's really freaking me out, I also noticing people taking to me and I have no idea really what they are talking about, I just can't keep up, my memory is awful as well. Does anyone else have similar ? Is this another trait of anxiety, it's making me feel so bad and so unhappy.

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I know what you mean. About a month ago when my anxiety came back i would be SO dizzy. I would feel fine and then it'd hit me out of no where ! And I would feel really dizzy. I had horrible headaches. And I just felt like I was alive but not in my body. Have you gone to the doctor for your headaches ?

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These are typical symptoms of anxiety & I have often had them & still do from time to time & the more we worry the symptoms just keep coming

Sometimes accepting it is anxiety & trying not to feed the fear can help us to let go but I know this takes some practice and is not always easy

I have just put a link on for you , it is safe to go on it & it has a lot of information about anxiety and I think it could help answer some of what you are feeling x

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