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Nervousness/Avoidence 2

For quite some time I've been avoiding some problems and not seeked out help. So I'm going to talk about one of the problems that recently just keeps getting worse. Today I went shopping because I needed clothes and buy birthday cards and I also got food. But during queues being too near to people I was freaking out inside like really nervous and I just wanted to hurry up and get out of there. When I'm at home I barely leave the house, I barely see friends at all and I feel as though I'm not getting any better but worse. It started with me just avoiding friends and then not going out and I've never been a huge fan of crowds of people. I've always kind of sped my way through what I've needed if I'm in a city centre. As when I'm with friends I never tell them everything that's going on whether it's because they'll think I'm being silly or little things like that or they don't understand ... Maybe I'm over thinking things i dont know maybe this is just normal for most people :/ I have wrote this post before but I'm new and put it in the wrong comity so here goes for attempt 2

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I too get uneasy while waiting inline at the grocery store. Sometimes I am fine and other times, I feel so nervous like I'm going to pass out but I never do and make it through. Just like you, you stayed and got the stuff you wanted even though you were nervous. Good for you! It can be hard. Also, in the last year I'd say i've too stopped going out, it started with avoiding friends, then family, I dont even go to my sisters House anymore which is only 20min bike ride and I love going to see her but I just don't feel good and get too anxious. Still with that I would go ride my bike around, sometimes doing 20miles..I dont do that either because the way I feel, I don't wanna pass out on the trail. I'm basically always home except when I need food or sometimes I make it to class.

I hope you feel better. You're not alone.


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