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My anxiety

My so high im going though a rough patch at the ex bf forced me to finish with so he could go and move in with another woman down the road from me.i cant eat sleep focus being sick all the time.people say ive got to face it but i can not do it.i cantcope with my daughter.i feel so trapped he only said he loved me that day.what can i do

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I coped with a similar situation last November although I wasn't suffering from anexity then but I think it's contributed

My ex slept with a man hence we broke up and I couldn't eat sleep was crying constantly

You will get through it trust me I did you will accept it eventually bit not if its still raw in ur mind Time is s great healer even though it does not feel like it trust me you will get there !!!!!

Try to concentrate on ur daughter and think of the positive things ur going to be going with her sharing her life with mother and daughter bond

Try to stay calm n not get wound up easier said than done but it's the only wAy you will get through

Maybe try sun calms to try n take the edge of ur anexity or go ses ur gp and get sum councilling will do you good

All the best hope this helps Kirsty xx

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