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Well ...currently annoyed by this twitch on the bridge of my nose, it's like twitching & usually I would be googling what that is , but I haven't . I wonder if anxiety could cause that..I have been anxious lately & angry , but uhhhhmmmm yeah ....feels like something on the inside..located around the bridge of my nose is twitching . It's annoying . Ugh :/ I hate health anxiety ...I'm like obsessing over it but think I'll distract myself by doing something

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I totally understand you.. Im the same way.. Last night I was in the emergency room because of a pain on my left arm.. I thought I was having a heart attack.. They did blood work and I was told it wasn't.. Today I keep on thinking about it so my arm started hurting again... I know this won't help you but Just to let you know that we cab get through this and not worries so much


Youtube an Google search magnesuim anxiety and depression. You might be low on magnesium what's vital for our bodies. Our bodies can't make it and it causes so many symptoms twitching anxiety depression etc etc list goes on

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