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sick of waking with this anxiety

I wake up each day with a horrible feeling, almost a pain, in my solar plexus, anxious, full of dread...and yet life is good. It is getting worse (I have had a lot of changes in my life over the past 18 months so it does make sense)...I came back from a weeks holiday sailing; it was so wonderful to wake with this wonderful calm feeling and the solar plexus space peaceful and empty...thought I was better, so disappointed to be back and just the same. Feel so ungrateful and pathetic....

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When you were on holiday you just forget about your problem,

Its like you were not in your mind and you were not alone on your holiday!

Also you had good memories and good feeling on your holiday,

all these things make you feel good!!

So you just forget about bad experiences and you feel good and most important comfortable!

Now coming back from holiday you are again in your normal daily routine!!

To fight with your anxiety and to cure it you need to increase your moment of comfort and one day you will feel comfortable with everything!!

That is the process!!


Thank you so much for replying. I have never posted anything on any site before and didn't expect to hear from a real person. Yes, I know you are right, escape simply won't work, I know I need to learn to be in my normal, can you say a little more about increasing my moments of comfort?


Story of my life I'm the same wake with it all the time


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