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For how long I have to suffer?

HI Everyone,

I have one question for those who are suffering from GAD. I am suffering from GAD for last five years and it has affected so much, i am getting better slowly but still I dont think that I am totally normal or some part of me normal, still bad sleep , stomach churn , negativity and all sort of things!!

What I want to ask is that how long I have to suffer this way, is there anyone who has suffered GAD for short period of time and also I want to know how long you guys are suffering from GAD and how much progress you have made??

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I think everyone is different in how long for some it maybe a short time before they feel back to how they were for others it can take longer but if we can focus in on it is not a race & try & stay positive on all the little improvements that we make as with each one it is a step closer to getting to where we would like to be again :-)

Sounds like you are doing really well with making progress , give yourself some praise for what you have already achieved and I am sure in your own time you will make more progress & while you are be kind to yourself as you deserve it :-) x

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I just want to know your time and your experience!!

No offence but this post is not for asking advice again i do not mean any offence but the purpose of this question is different!!

I want you to share your time to heal and your journey in brief!!


I have suffered for 7 months When it first started I was crippled and couldn't do anything I couldn't do my daily tasks or even shower I just wanted to lie in bed. In the last 2 months I have improved I am now functioning normally but I still suffer from both mental and physical symptoms but I seem to get through them better lately.

Hope I have helped :)


I had GAD for 4 years. It became more manageable once I found out I had GAD from my doctor. Atleast then I knew what I was dealing with. I was and am still sometimes like what Aazz talked about in their post. It comes in unpredictable cycles. The medication I take for depression I think also calm down my anxiety. Once you know you have GAD and you start feeling the signs and symptoms - you brain might be able to over ride some of the anxiety. Ask yourself all the facts around why you are feeling anxiety and kind of talk yourself through the facts.

For example I got written up for work because of a bad performance. I felt the world was come to an end. I shared my deep confession with doctors, and close friends and a counsellor too. No one seemed to think it was such a big deal. Whereas I couldn't sleep, always covered in sweat and even trembling because the GAD had taken over me. My bad performance at work was related to mental Heath issues and since I have a doctor to back me up- technically work could not fire me anyway because a single non life threatening mistake I made.

So in summary- 4 years I gad GAD. It was at it's worse before the doctor accessed me and prescripted medicine to help. The progress I made in the last four years is to teach myself the difference between real and perceived problems. The logic does not always win over the anxiety but I find this helps. Learn your anxiety triggers. Avoid them or try to conquer them. I had serious panic attacks in the past no amount of thinking could of stopped it. So I do understand very much what it is like to be consumed by anxiety. Another unfortunate mechanism I gave for coping with anxiety is my eating disorder. At the moment my life is at a particularly stressful time. And I have a complusive urge to loose weight. Even when my brain knows the truth GAD can over ride it. But knowing what you are dealing with when you are up against GAD is what made me deal with better after the last 4 years.

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