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Twitching whenever I try to fall asleep :/

I have no clue what's going on,

I do suffer from sleep anxiety time to time making me panic before I fall asleep, but right now that's not it,

it's like I'm really sleepy but as soon as I start dozing off my leg twitches a few times, and the one that freaked me out the most was when my head twitched twice, like wtf,

I'm so sleepy but hopefully I can just knock out, sleep anxiety is way worse than being awake and dealing with it. :/

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I get the same problem, I also have the strong urge to gasp for air as I doze off. I now take passion flower and valerian before bed and I doze off quite relaxed, maybe it could help you too. Also a bit of exercise and stretching earlier on in the evening will help you too. Hope you sleep better soon.


the gasping for air thing happened last night, that really freaked me out


Valerian is good I think it gives you quality sleep and you wake up feeling good I only tried it once I took 2 tablets and had a great sleep and woke up feeling pretty good. And the most ridiculous thing is I haven't take. It since because I am scared! But scared of what I just told you I had a good experience with it? I have no idea why I am so crazy sometimes maybe I'm afraid to feel good maybe I need the anxiety? I don't know...

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Lol exactly man anxiety is a silent killer full of illusions luring you into a false sense of danger, i hate it

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