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Back Pain Trippin Me Out

So I just started a new job recently , and it's retail but my job exactly involves a lot of work of lifting heavy ass stuff and on my first day I bent to the left side too fast and I think I pulled a muscle or I did something to my back,

It's really sore & I'm trying to just lay down and relax but it's tripping me out and causing me to overthink that I did something more, So I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow :/

I hate when something happens pertaining to the body, that stuff freaks me out the most

- Tabuu

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something physical eh :P .... Well I'd suggest you trip it before it trips you. Lol, just messin man.

Don't bother if it doesn't stay till tomorrow. If it's your new work, I'd suggest you try to find a way where you don't hurt yourself, cause yo gonna have to do it daily.


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Try hot and cold compresses at different times. If it's muscular that will help ease it. Bag of peas and hot water bottles do the trick for me after injury.

Deep breathing and/or relaxation exercises help with anxiety and could help you feel calmer. Lots online for free. Good luck & feel better soon

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