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I have just about reached the end of my fraying rope. I am so tired of feeling this way!! I can't do anything without consulting my anxiety. I am trying to book our honeymoon and there are things that we both want to do that I know I can't because of my panic disorder. Everyday living is hard too. I would just like one day where I didn't feel like I was crawling out of my skin. I know I should stay positive, but today is a very bad day. I'm fearful that I'll soon lose my job. I'm having issues with driving again. Help!

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I feel just like you. I admire that you are going to work, I cant do that. About your honeymoon are you planning abroad or here? Try to go where you can cope with,not out of your safety zone.

hope it helps a bit



How long have you been dealing with anxiety? What kind of things do you want to do on your honeymoon that give you fear? Or is it just being away from your safe place?

Your honeymoon will be fun and exciting with your spouse. I think you'll have more fun then worry.


Thank you all for your helpful comments. I have been living with anxiety and panic attacks for 15 years. It's been debilitating on and off for the last few years. Every time I get on meds that seem to help, it doesn't last. We have been married for a few months, but I keep putting off the honeymoon with various excuses. I am borderline agoraphobic. The only place that I truly function well is in my home. I have put him off yet again until September. I can tell he's disappointed, but I don't have the heart to tell him. I swore when we were married that I would never let my panic interfere with us. He is so supportive and understanding that I know he would be with me, but I just can't bring myself to let him know how bad it really is. I fight so hard. I feel like just giving up.


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