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Dr. Google, Prophet or Demon.... U make it!

I Have been in this condition myself, and I would like to share it with you all. What I am going to say is just outcome of questioning myself in free time.

People who want to help themselves need to understand that there's a huge difference between helping and knowing. Googling your symptoms is not a bad habit, But freaking out after that, IS. If there is someone that you need to ask questions about something that you are scared of medically, is a DOCTOR. Google is a way of knowing things which is very good, but mis using it..... NOT GOOD.

You need to understand that when anything goes chronic, is when you need to be serious about it. Googling something that happens to you for the very first time will just land you believing that you have a cancer or some terminal illness.

There is another problem of having too much information in your kitty. Let's say, you have read a list of symptoms on google about a terminal Illness. You just make a mental checklist of that and make sure you don't have any of those symptoms. Now you get so engrossed in having a check on yourself, that you actually keep thinking about it 24/7. Out of the whole observation period, it is obvious that they will appear once in a 100 situation. A single occurrence of the symptoms, and you just tick mark it on the list. You just wait until you have the whole check list done, and BOOM, you have succeeded in turning your life in a living nightmare.

Please don't do this guys who are doing it.

I have stopped doing it for a while now.

Thanks to healthUnlocked, and my fellas here. I owe you a lot guys.


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