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Don't Feed The Negative Thoughts !

Whenever you feel like your anxiety is coming up, and you think you're about to have a panic attack,

Talk to yourself, and just try and assure yourself everything will be fine, I know that seems almost impossible when you're freaking out, but you ever notice how feeding the negative thought seems to make the situation worse? That's because whatever your brain thinks on the inside, will come to reality in the mind if you believe it enough,

Try and focus on something positive , talk to someone funny , or someone who can relate to the way you feel , " Live in the Moment & Not in the mind " That statement really helped me, when you pay attention to what you think more than what's actually REAL you lose a sense of what's fact and what's fiction,

And start to become lured into anxiety by illusions of false fear,

Keep your head up, I know we all wish we could just make it go away, I know I wish I do, but it'll get better the more you try and focus on thinking positive, then later if you feel bad when you calm down then go see a doctor if you think it is bad enough, if they tell you you're fine then no worries (:

Life is a roller coaster and sometimes you'll hit rock bottom , just before you sky rocket to the top,

It all gets better (:

- Tabuu

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" Live in the Moment & Not in the mind "

That statement, well that's something man. It gives me the basic idea of getting over with my panic attacks already.

I might as well add something.

Its the LAMA thing I learnt form one of my friends. The trick is to understand that "someone has already faced the same issue you are facing, and has resolved it in the past. If they were able to do it, that means there is a solution to it, so should you be able to do it"

That theory helps me a lot when it comes to panic attack. It just takes away the "terminality" of the problem.

Most of us just gas up because we think we are dying while having a panic attack. And believing that this is not terminal by telling yourself that it is just a problem that can be solved helps you a lot.

Hope this helps.

And @Moshatedtabuu, yo the man bro.....


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Much Love My Brother ,

Glad to see you have a like minded way of thinking about things,

What you said was pretty helpful also, I'll try that,

But yeah panic and anxiety is just false signals of fear,

You just have to train your mind to know the difference between real danger & false illusions.

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Exactly man, As I have replied to one of the posts in the past. Anxiety, I believe is just a reflex action to help heighten your senses when in times of danger. However when anxiety is triggered unecessarily, you don't get WHY THE RUSH? You get scared and that in turn feuls your anxiety in a chain reaction.

The key is to break the chain, NOT TO GET SCARED.

Hope that helps...


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Much Love Brother . !

That's exactly the plan, realizing that anxiety and panic attacks are false senses of danger, and the emotion which fuels it is fear,

so learning the difference between real dangers and false ones is the first step to breaking those chains,

It's always going to get better the more you pay attention to what's real and what's really an illusion

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