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You think anxiety can bring up ulcers in mouth?

I have been to doctors for my ulcers and they say it is just some hygiene issue. But I brush twice daily, and make sure nothing sticks to my mouth for a long time. I have been doing this since forever.

I just wanted to know if anyone has anything on this? Like do you guys think stress can be a factor to bring up ulcers? And just like any other symptoms, they just go away soon before I get scared.

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When I get really stressed my ears fill with wax so I can't see any reason why mouth ulcers could too be connected to anxiety. The body responds in strange ways to anxiety.

Clenched jaw and dry mouth are two 'normal' symptoms of anxiety. Dry mouth breeds bacteria which can lead to mouth ulcers so maybe.

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thanks for the reply, it is possible then.....

I was just worried, Thanks :)


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