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Holiday dread

I wrote before about holiday dread, and it has gotten a lot worse... I don't think I can sit on a plane for three hours, the idea of being trapped terrifies me. You can't just get off when you feel anxious, what if something happens?! Also eating has become a big problem, it seems that everything I eat I feel that I am allergic to even if I have ate it before. How will I cope on holiday! My mum said that it would probably benefit everyone if I didn't go, and I kind of think she is right. But I don't want to give up that easy, how am I going to go live by myself or go to university if I keep avoiding my fears. Though I don't even know what I am scared of anymore, it seems to be everything. I don't even know anymore.

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Hi Jessica, I have been abroad myself and also iv stood my boyfriend up on valentines day trip to Paris and let my daughter and family down 5 years ago going to Tunisia I said I couldn't go it was heartbreaking I upset everyone but I couldn't help it,I always feel I spoil hi days and days out because I panic and spend most of the time in the car and I won't walk very far either, I feel for u so much, u should be packing your bags and looking forward to ur trip not worrying about the flight and nearest hospital!! Iv done it all myself!! Now what you have to remember is thousands of English speaking people go to Portugal every day they will have English speaking drs there, google the nearest hospital to your resort just to have peace of mind, but belive me once u get there enjoy the beach the sun the cocktails you will forget about needing a hospital, go to ur dr ask for some dizapan for the flight and think of it like this your flight takes 3 hrs that's a movie, or 6 episodes of Corrie not very long at all, break it down into a hr and half once it's over u only have a hr and half left and hey if the winds behind u it can knock 15 mins off!! Take something to occupy your mind anf remember over half of the people on that plane will feel just like u, i think ur mums a little harsh to be honest the last thing people like us needs Is to have the pressure of not spoiling anyone else's time, if someone says that to me it makes me worse, I really hope you go but if u feel that unwell and it's really upsetting u then stay at home and treat yourself all week!! And work towards a lovely holiday when u feel better

Let us know what you decide, best of luck xxxxx

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i dread it too - It should be a time we look forward too! Face your fear. thats what they say in the CBT Classes. whats the worse that can happen? most often - nothing at al! Try popping to the doctors and advise him of your fears- ofter people are fearful on planes. The doctor may prescribe a slight sedative to help you with the flight as lots of people will be in that position. Its not uncommon at all.

In your mums defence - she probably said that when she was at the end of her tether! Perhaps you had been voicing your concerns and worries and she couldn't say anything to be of help..

You need a holiday - have a great time. You are not allergic to all the food but take some diarrhoea tablets and stuff the same as anyone else does when they eat strange foods.



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