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About book at last a life

Hi guys,

there is one book by paul david and I want to ask question that has anyone read this book and is it useful for those who are suffering from GAD, let me know whatever you think about this book and also you can suggest any good book for GAD self help.

I want to but the book I mentioned and It is costly so I cant buy, if someone thinks that it is good then I will think about spending some money.

And I am open for any other suggestion!!!

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mostly good reviews at the attached link


I know about reviews on site but if anyone has personal experience that would be better!!

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Best book I have ever read in terms of anxiety self help. Truly helped me recover. Grateful and thankful that I found it. You must read it, especially if you deal with depersonalization/derealization as symptoms. I saw that you asked me to email it to you under my other post. I'll do so right now, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.


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