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Lack of energy

Hi there hope you are all well.

I was always a very fast pace person I clean fast shop fast but lately I seem to be dragging along. I feel really slow and like everything is so hard and such an effort it scares me as I think something is wrong with me. It seems to be the worst during the day then at night I seem to feel better.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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Do you suffer from anxiety? do you feel tired and do not want to do anything, just lie down and sleep? do you feel that you are no longer interested in doing the same activities that used to make you happy and joyful in the past? do you feel like you're choking?


Yes I do suffer from anxiety and probably a little depression. And yes to all the other questions too :(


He there!

Sounds 'normal' to me... :) Some of it, I believe, is our jumping on all changes with a "oh no! what's wrong with me" attitude... Been there, done that oodles of times! Sometimes even when we think our anxiety is not acting up... it's there...and it DOES have a tendency to , at times, just plain wear you out! I used to be a morning person...I mean there were times I would be waiting at 7AM at Alfalfa's for the place to open so I could have my coffee.... I LOVED early mornings....

Hoooowever... just the thought of all of that right now is enough to make me want to collapse! :)

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Hi like you I'm always rushing when I do things,but just now I'm struggling to do anything.I am on tablets for depression but they don't seem to be helping at the moment.I'm a carer to my disabled husband and I also look after our 2 granddaughters several hours a week.Think my age isn't helping.I'm 62 .I did start the couch to 5k program ,but soon got tired of that.Good luck hope you feel better soon.


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