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Anxiety up the roof anticipating procedures help!

Hi there...I've always suffered from anxiety I guess and it was very severe 4 years ago.. I learned to manage it on my own but have no kind of support whatsoever. Family doesn't believe in "anxiety" and been always told to "pull myself together". Lately this year, my health isn't so good and have gone through a really bad experience (war) and still going through it. I have to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow and my anxiety is up the roof. I am so scared of feeling anxious after or during the procedures or that something might go wrong. The doctor does not give sedatives so I'm even more worried now. I don't know what to do to calm myself down I can't eat or think properly. Also I would like to know if your anxiety gets worse when feeling very weak? Like not eating or having hypotension? And whether being on IV fluids after that makes you get panic attacks? Please help :(

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OK...let's do this together. Tomorrow afternoon I am scheduled for a CT scan...and yes, I am scared. Not of the procedure but of what they might find... Sometimes I am ok... othertimes waves of fear flood over me... We are both going to come through this.... I will just be glad when I am speaking with Dr about the 'results'... I think I will be glad... anyway...somehow we get through it all! OK?? OK!! Take care and good luck!!


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