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Does anyone ever have this problem ?

Like you'll just be chilling there, and like one of your muscles will twitch or some shit ?

I hate that, sometimes it freaks me out and makes me think something is wrong,

I hate dealing with chest pains also because that right there always makes me think that it's something way worse than what it is,

Being sick while dealing with anxiety isn't fun either because you can make yourself feel worse and stress yourself pretty bad tripping out over your symptoms if you don't know what's wrong,

Please DO NOT Google Your Symptoms . !

I learned that the hard way . !

Much love to you all , hope you have a great night (:

- Tabuu

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Oh we have all gotta take that advice never Google lol I've done it a few times and trust me it wasn't wise. I use to get the muscle twitching a lot then I started taking magnesium and calcium supplements and it has eased up a lot. Chest pains are the worst it's scary and all sorts of thoughts run through your head I know the feeling all too well. Hope u have a great night as well.

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Yeah bro especially the chest pain or anything related to that portion of the body,

I smoked too much and went to see Ted2

Movie was hilarious but I was fighting anxiety the entire time , thinking I was going to have a heart attack or some shit,

But eventually I was able to sort of chill a bit,

I'm just trying to fall asleep now,

Thanks man & same to you too .


I do get twitches now and then too! I always put some ice in a soft cloth on top of wherever it was - normally my eyes. Never had it in a long time. Maybe now that I am thinking about it it will happen again. :) worse than twitches are the full out muscle spams and tremours. I know that is a side effect possible from some of my prescription medications. But it is really scary when it happens. My boss got mad at me over something I didn't do- and I go so livid I went into the staff room alone and it looked like my body was doing an earthquake. So I think twitching and tremors can also be anxiety related. Cwoodside has a great point about vitamins. I dislike blood tests myself but maybe next time you go for a routine check-up maybe let the doctor know if lack of a certian vitamin might be the cause. I am b12 deficient. Those supplements help me but I lack protein in my diet.

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