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I been burping for two weeks now and I barley have a apiette every time I eat something I burp and and I vomit comes up I been to the er last month on June 11 cause I was dizzy and lightheaded and the doctor ran some tests and gave me a blood gas in my vein everything came back normal he said I have hypervilation syndrome when I do panic I tend to breath through my mouth a lot but I never burp constantly like how I'm doing and my throat feels heavy and it feels like something is stuck in there I had a xray on my stomach last month on June 6 it came back normal . it honestly feels like stomach is stuck in my chest and it feels like my food is not digesting now I'm constantly googling stuff I diagnose myself with different diseases now I had 5 ekgs all normal and a echo on my heart all normal but now I wanna get a chest xray and one my throat I'm so scared I want this burping to stop its been two weeks now my stomach feels tight on both of my sides and in the middle I keep thinking the worst someone help me :(

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Hi Midiana

I was having similar problems. Lightheaded and wheezing in my throat. I am taking pills for acid reflux. Just started wed., so I'll see what happens. That sounds to me what your problem is. When you get really anxious, your stomach produces more acid. I have that problem. Then you don't feel like eating. Why don't you try some pills and see if it helps. I'm taking omeprazole.

Let me know how you make out.


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Thanks I'm gonna make a appointment with my doc :)


Good luck to you



Time for a trip to the gastoenterologist.


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