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One Bad Thought Can Lead To A Thousand

So last night I was celebrating some pre-4th fun with some friends,

Took a few shots but didn't get too drunk,

Ended up waking up with a swollen neck gland, I didn't really think too much of it, thought maybe it was just a sore throat or some shit,

The day went through so my curious mind "which I regret" ended up looking up what it could probably be using Google "Which I advice you NOT to do" & all this stuff about cancer came up and instantly threw me into a horrible panic, it was so bad I had to stop what I was doing just to call a hospital and talk to a nurse just to make sure I was fine.

He told me that most likely, it isn't anything really serious, that it's probably not even related to the alcohol, and more likely from the changes in the weather. That calmed me down so much but as you probably know, when you're panicking something like that can really set you off.

Anyway I feel a lot better but remember people, One bad thought can lead to a thousand & send you spiraling emotionally and mentally down a black hole.

Try and think positive & Keep your head up, if you're still alive it isn't the end (:

- Tabuu

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Anxiety can actually CAUSE swollen lymph nodes, I kid you not. It can also cause you to be over sensitive to otherwise normal body occurrences. I have one behind my ear. Yeah, DONT RESEARCH IT. Worst thing ever upon ever to do.

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Really ? That's crazy haha I didn't know that ! thank you for educating me though , but yeah Google is the #1 Champion of scaring people with curious/over anxious minds who want to look up their symptoms lol.

Doctor just told me to try and relax, and drink water and just try not to think about it, if it gets worse to call back and check in with him.

Made me feel a lot better.

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Google is the devil. I try not too google. I wish I could take a shot and relax latley but I take anxiety meds. You can get swollen glands from shaving. I always feel pretty dumb after I calm down from a panic attack.

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lmaooooo for real, same here.

Like whenever you finally calm down and look at what you were panicking about you're like wtf lol.

That's usually my reaction when I finally feel better.

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