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My Anxious Life

Hello all , I am wroting with this lump in my throat that is making it hard to write. I am hoping that using this forum to post will help myself and others. I have had anxiety my whole life. It got worse when I was 19. When I mean worse I mean bad. I lost weight , I couldnt eat , sleep , or even shower. I was scared of my own shadow. It has been an uphill battle but not all negative. I found an awesome psychiatrist that prescibed some meds and I have been anxiety free for quite some time. Latley I feel my anxiety flaring up and I suspect that it is due to stress. I do not know how to deal with stress like most anxiety sufferers. I ate some dinner tonight and feel like my throat is closing.I have an angel and a devil ln my shoulders right now. Guess which one is anxiety? Lol The angel is saying acid reflux and the devil is saying allergic reaction. Well Ive learned not to entertain my anxiety and tune it out. It is crucial that when anxiety to accept it and recognize that its anxiety. Do not fight it. It never works. Dont hyper google either. You never get what your looking for. No your not going blind,yes you can breathe, you are not having a heart attack,you do not have a lump in your throat, you dont have cancer, and every other symptom you have. I have had them. Use these forums to vent and grow but dont depend on them. I feel better. I always do and so will you.

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