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Was there a trigger for your anxiety?


I've been thinking about this recently. My anxiety all started when I was 14 and a girl in my school died of a cardiac arrest. From that moment on I got so worried that there was something wrong with me and had constant panic attacks.

Did anyone else's anixtey start with some sort of traumatic event?

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Definetly! I stayed up really late writing an essay for school, I guess I got caught up with it so much that as soon as I was done with it my mind wanted to find other things to be anxious about. As a result, that night just as I was about to fall asleep I woke up having a full blown panic attack. I felt like I wasn't breathing and I was about to die. Ever since that experience I had trouble sleeping and trouble concentrating at school for the next few months. But here I am 8 months later, I was able to graduate high school, and although I still have trouble falling asleep, I'm able to get through it.

Wow that sounds horrible! I'm so glad you was able to graduate and I'm also glad you've almost won your fight :)

Thanks! Yep almost! But I feel like I have a little ways more to go in order to be able to get rid of "before bed" anxiety completely, but I'm taking baby steps. Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience, but you'll be able to recover slowly but surely ;)

That's good! finding the right ways to deal with it is the key and yes I hope so. I've finally realised I really need to start helping myself!!

Well posting about your feelings and experiences on this website is a great way to relieve some of the anxiety and tension you may be feeling! So dont stop posting ;)

Mine came from shit like bad LSD trips,

PTSD From horrible events like the one you said,

and dealing with health problems in the past, so whenever something small happens I think it's something way worse.

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