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I am a 18 year old Long Distance runner. I have been running since 6th grade. I suffer from Anxiety. I keep thinking that one day Ill just suffer from a H.A or C.A during a run. I once went to the E.R for rapid heart beating. And and EKG and chest x ray came out fine. So did blood testing. Why do I worry so much? If something was wrong with my heart they would've detected it right?

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Sorry to hear about the anxiety. Have you ever had your B12 levels tested. Low B12 can cause anxiety - along with a lot of other things - and if you are very active physically you can get through a lot of B12.

You can find a fuller list of symptoms here, just in case other things ring a bell.


Supplementing B12 can skew the results significantly so best not to supplement until you have been tested if you think it may be a factor.

B12 serum - the usual test is a bit unreliable as it looks at all B12 in the blood not just the forms that are used at the cell level ... and doesn't actually tell you what is happening at the cell level. Supplementary tests that can clarify where results are in the grey range (which is described as normal - but generally anything below 400 in terms of test results) are MMA (in Urine) and Homocysteine.


It's your over anxious mind constantly making you feel like something is wrong, which also effects your heart rate, when you worry , you panic, when you panic your heart beats faster to help you make a decision to fight or run,

You just have to try and relax and tell yourself that it's just symptoms of anxiety, the sooner you realize it's just anxiety the better you'll feel trust me (:


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