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Somebody please help!!! I haven't been able to sleep very well the past few days. Ive been sleeping at 3 am for the past couple of days now and I feel terrified! I still cant get over the fear of me sleeping and dying right before I fall asleep from like a heart attack or something. I know it is highly unlikely, doctor saying Iam healthy and all, but I can't get over this fear! When I don't feel my heart beating I get scared that's it slowing down to a stop! My goal is to get better this summer when dealing with my anxiety because I start college in the fall and I would absolutely hate to be this sleep deprived college student freak :'( I feel very very very hopeless about getting over my anxiety. I feel like I'm gonna be stuck like this forever because it's already been about 8 months since this has been happening to me :( My confidence is diminishing and I don't feel as happy as I was before. Why does it have to be so difficult! Why cant I get over this stupid, irrational fear! Maybe I'm just making a big deal about my anxieties, but I cant help it. I really just feel like I need to talk to someone. :''''(

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It is not a stupid irrational fear if it is your fear it feels very real

Your heart will be beating so fast when you go to bed because you are anxious but when we are it can be hard to rationalize these feelings

Ask you self though , how long have you been feeling this way ? Has anything bad happened ? Would your Doctor really say you were fine if they thought there was any chance something was wrong ?

I use to have the same fear of a heart attack when I was young , spent years worrying about it & causing my life to be miserable & not enjoying myself and that is what it was a fear but try telling my head at that time it would have none of it

Have you tried having a really warm relaxing bath before bed , a nice soothing drink get you into more of a relaxed state of mind

Also have you tried one of those little night lights that you could maybe have by the side of your bed because sometimes if we have a fear and it is dark it can seem more frightening but if there is a little light it can really help

I read in bed till sometimes I drop to sleep without even knowing I have and wake up with my Kindle on the floor :-o but it gets me to sleep in a more relaxed why and distracts my mind , some may listen to soft relaxing music and find that helps

The more you fear the more anxiety it creates , ask yourself what is fear , it is an emotion , a strong one when we feel it but it can not harm us & if we can accept it then it becomes less powerful , takes time but you can get there , try not to rush but set little goals instead and give yourself a big pat on the back when you reach them :-)

If you are really struggling having tried & used up every possible thought or suggestion to help with this then if you can go & see your Doctor & see what they can suggest to support you :-) x


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