So lastnight I woke up with a heart rate of 140.. Didn't calm down for about an hour woke up early this morning with my heart going insane it's going up to 140 then dropping then going up again what's happening.. I took my beater blocker as normal it hasn't really help it has a little. Whay is this ?? Am I going to die why is my heart beating SOOOO fast i feel horrible right now. Like I'm sitting here think what if iv got a infection or blood poisoning or something that's why my hearts racing like that.. I feel like I'm actually going to die. What should I do


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  • Hello

    It sounds like you are so anxious with the worry about what could be wrong that your heart is having to work twice as fast & that is why you are feeling these sensations

    Even when we are sleeping we can be anxious

    Take your medication as this will help & try & do something especially before bed that will relax you

    If you find it is an ongoing thing then you could always mention it to your Doctor but even though I am not a Doctor so not qualified to diagnose you it is something I have had before due to anxiety

    Hope you are feeling a lot better now x

  • Your have an anxiety/ panic attack.

    Anxiety will throw you into a complete panic attack at times where you truly feel as if you are about to die. - that's exactly what it does!

    I'm the Queen of this! It happens to me all the time and at the moment nothing anyone says can convince me that there's not something terribly wrong.. Can't even count how many hospital trips I've made.

    This is what works wonders for me- DONT SKIP OUT ON TRYING THIS- I have told many other people on here about this too - go to YouTube.com look up Yoga for panic attack and anxiety disorder. One of the first girls that show up is a blonde girl named Katrina Repman - psychetruth - video.

    -* Iv never been into yoga, but when I tell you this video literally workslike a medicine during some of my worse times. I literally get anxiety so bad half my body goes numb. And I think I'm having strokes! - but of course... Nothing but anxiety. *. I now take the time to do it even when I just need to relax, and am laying in bed, and it calms me so much I have never finished the video to the end before I was out like a light.

    Please try it- and I hope this helps you as much as it does me.

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