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Panicking. So. Much

Ever since this pain started in my pelvis, just below my belly button, I have been soooooo scared. It's a burning, pulled feeling but my posture is bad and my lower back goes unsupported and I'm in a constant "crunch" position. Anyway, I've read absolute horror stories of ovarian cysts and am now in tears, scared I'm going to have sudden pain and will need to go to the ER. I noticed it about a month ago as a twinge, but when I looked it up and saw ovarian cyst, it has gotten worse. I'm constantly pushing on my pelvis to see where the feeling is, and sometimes if I push hard enough, there's a pinching pain there, but not all the time. No one in my family has ever had this and I don't have irregular or painful periods but this is scaring me to death.

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Well for heaven sake go to your doctor(if you haven't already,but it sounds like you haven't) . It could be as simple as diverticulitis or something. Nothing says peace of mind like getting to the bottom of something like this ...good luck and God bless..Cat

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I dont have a primary doctor and im switching insurance. But im trying to get into an emergency care center. Theyre just as affective, right?


Bookgirl,I am more concerned about your fear in this. Stress can be a nasty adversary. You will be fine,Just get to a doctor and get this sorted out girl..Cat


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