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I think I've worked out what my problems are but no idea how to sort them.

Since I went back to work from maternity leave I've struggled with anxiety & stress. It all started when I was given a little extea work. Since speaking with my gp we've worked out I'm a perfectionist, in the way I don't feel like I'm anywhere near as good at my job as I was pre maternity or that I'm as good as my colleagues. I feel I should be much better. I get angry very quickly about ridiculous things too.

I also feel that although my daughter is coming on leaps & bounds that I'm not as good a mum as others.

In my mind I'm know doing ok at work & at being a mum, 95% of the time I'm totally fine & then I have bad times like the past 5 days. I have no idea what set it off, my gp ssys its subconcious but I don't understand why if I know I'm being stupid why can't I just get up & get on with my day.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated feeling a little lost.

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It is a huge change in our life's when we have a baby & then have to return to work & I bet so many have felt as you do but when we have anxiety we are very sensitive & we over think every thought & emotion we have & we also tend to suffer with lack of self worth all seems to be part of how anxiety affects us as well as it been able to keep a hold of us just when we think we have let go as it pops up to remind us that it is still there with these negative thoughts

Could also be you hormones , when you are having these bad times with these thoughts keep a note & see if there is a pattern when they are happening & if it co insides with you hormones

Also when you feel like this try telling yourself , here we go again , I have felt this way before , it passes & I know what is happening it is anxiety trying to get in & let it pass again

The less importance we can give anxiety the less it will keep control , I know this is not always easy but the more we can think that way it does become easier

Take Care x


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