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Pelvic pain has me panicking

So for like a month I've been experiencing this dull pain in my pelvis. Feels more like a cramp but it goes away usually when I'm up and walking or out. It returns when I sit for hours in my usual position (back forward, knees bent) because I do work on my iPad and my knees support it.

It started as a pinprick pain and when I googled it, cyst came up and my friend had a really scary story about one so that made me start panicking and so it seems to have worsened slightly since then. However, I know muscles run right over that area, as do nerves, and since I sit hunched forward with my stomach sucked in (all the time), I'm wondering if it could be due to that? I just get really worried something will happen and I'll have to go to the hospital and have surgery. It doesn't worsen or feel any different with my period and doesn't worsen after. I can feel the muscle tense pretty much every time I move. My mom continues to tell me this is the reason and to start stretching to loosen the muscles.

Does anyone think that's right that tight muscles can cause mild cramping (it's not super uncomfortable and tight clothes make no difference)?

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You may just have an ongoing injury there just like people have ongoing neck or back pain. Sometimes you can feel an injury for months and months before it gets better. It most likely is strain or injury from the position you described you are in for numerous hours a day doesn't sound concerning to me. Us Anxiety sufferers magnify everything. Don't worry :)



Google cannot examine you but just give the worse case scenario so I would keep of Google & if in doubt get it checked out with your Doctor as they are the professionals that can clarify if this is anxiety or something physically wrong x


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