If You Have A Question About a Symptom, Ask Me: I've Had a Lot

Tell me your symptom and let you know if I've experienced it and how I've gotten rid of it. (And if I haven't had it, chances are, I've still heard about them and know what causes them.)


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  • can you be more specific as you post doesnt make much sense sorry im not trying to make fun of you but its easier to talk about something if its clear from the start ! please repost what you want to talk about and i will gladly chat about it david

  • I was asking others who are worried of a symptom to post it so i can offer reassurance that ive had it and to share how i got rid of it.

  • I'm still convinced I'm celiac even tho blood tests and biopsy say no. Endoscopy says flattened villi

  • If you had all the tests I suppose, all must be ok, this will be not give a result that will calm you.

    Sometimes when we feel something is wrong we are given tests, this can lead to a feeling of anxiety and this can reinforce the worry you are now feeling

    You need to go back to the GP and explain you are not content with the findings. He will try and put your mind at rest.

    This problem is not unusual, after tests we can feel cheated or concerned that nothing was found as the hypothetical condition seems to b still their.


  • Hello Book

    Welcome to our site

    I gave a reply to your earlier blog.

    We are always here to help and if you feel that you would want to contribute you know where we are as you can visit for a chat

    How can I help ??


  • did you get the feeling of dying sensation

  • Yup. I felt like my body would just shut down. Its very common. Also got that doom feeling but that has minimized quite a lot.

  • How do you get past that doom and gloom feeling?

  • I still get it from time to time but what I tell myself is that I'm not in any danger. Ask yourself, "okay, what is it about this situation that makes me feel this way?" And try to also note what you're thinking about. Like if you're thinking about something negative happening and then that feeling comes. I know sometimes it's hard because you get panicky and it makes it hard to think, but sometimes even when you're panicky and trying to think it actually distracts you some.

    My panic attacks were these random moments of sudden fear. Not just fear, I mean I felt out of control of my body. First time it happened to me, I actually grabbed my sisters arm without realizing it and she was yelling at me to let go and I couldn't even hear her due to adrenaline and just the fear. Those attacks have gone now and they've gone because I'm no longer afraid of them occurring. They never hurt me, so they lost their threat. Usually things with anxiety begin to pass when you stop perceiving them as threatening and dangerous.

  • Thank you, you make a lot of sense. They feel threatening but aren't xx

  • Yeah. Its due to the flight or fight response. Its hard to rationalize clearly during it, but if you do so once, use that as a buffer the next time by thinking "well it helped last time, I can do it again." Also try tp imagine betteroutcomes. people with anxiety tend to be very imaginative, so imagine good things happening rather than bad.

  • Thank you x also how do u not let it wreck your relationships with partner?

  • Well I haven't been in a relationship such as that, but usually communication and your partner's desire to understand where you're coming from. But also, start seeing anxiety as something you can overcome. I personally know people who have had anxiety disorder and have overcome it completely so don't try to lan anything around anxiety because that only makes it more dominating over your life.

  • Heart keep skipping I didn't have this before anxiety and panic attacks....

  • I used to get these. Ive had skipped heartbeats, loud heartbeats, fluttery heartbeats. I never got it checked out because i knew the liklihood of it being a problem was low and my anxiety isnt centered on my heart or dying. I havent experienced it anymore except when im anxious.

  • Like you I have experienced most things because I never admitted that their was something wrong till I was 46 ( a long unecessary period).

    Finally doctor gave me some medication which changed my life......so I think support is good on here....giving advice you have to be careful....we are all different.

  • Im not giving advice, but i know anxiety can cause so many different things. Im not telling anyone that what they are experiencing is definitely anxiety, but im sharing my experience with symptoms some may worry unnecessarily over. Anxiety has caused me over sixty symptoms so i know what a great mimicker this thing is.

  • Hello BookGirl232,

    I am suffering from body swaying, and moving, even though I am sitting down.

    I do not have any Vertigo, dizziness, or nausea.

    Can you help?


  • Though I have not had swaying, Iknow it is a symptom of anxiety.i have however had dizziness and lightheadedness. For the first month of my anxiety, i felt like i couldnt leave the couch because of it but when the doc gave the all clear, it declined.

    This can be due to hyperventilating or hypoventilating. Breathing too much or too little. Also, youre sensitized to everything you experience which can make slight dizziness seem much more exaggerated.

  • Hello Neil

    Even though this can be caused by anxiety if it is ongoing & causing you distress you really need to push with your Doctor in investigating further

    Usually I find if anything is anxiety related that is physical it will come & go the less stressed we are , if it stays & we get no relieve at all we need to keep pushing with our Doctors to get an answer

    Good Luck x

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