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Shortness of breath, tiredness and sudden weakness/lightheadedness


Last few days I have had trouble breathing, as if I have to force myself to do it. Also I am really tired and get this episodes of extreme lightheadedness. Sometimes when i have trouble breathing I get an urge of anxiety sort of feeling in chest. I had blood tests and ecgs done and thyroid tests as well, all came back perfect. Last week I was suffering from heart fluttering 2-3 times a day. Doctors say they are not concerned cause I am 20 and tests are fine, but symptoms persist. What should I do?

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I've returned onto this site for a little while and I can tell you ive had and have overcome this symptom. It left me pretty quickly because I personally don't have concerns regarding my heart, but I've had it to where:

-felt like I couldn't take a full breath

-felt like I needed to breathe but it didnt ease it when I breathed

-like my chest was being crushed

-feeli smothered

I also had it with heart flutters and skipped beats. The cause of this is actually due to hyperventilation. I know you think of breathing rapidly in a brown bag, but no, you can hyperventilate without knowing it, due to breathing from your chest and not taking full diaphramic breaths.

What helped me was doing something. Don't sit down and think about it, you'll just become more aware of how you're breathing. What helped was going outside at night and just telling myself that If I'm walking and talking i must be breathing pretty well. It's very common in anxiety and I never experience anymore unless I'm in a public place sometimes, but it doesn't scare me, as I know it's anxiety and I never had my heart checked.


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