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Please help feeling cant breath weird feeling up nose

Can someone please help I'm at to searching the Internet over and over again but no help I have this horrible feeling that I can't breath properly strange weird feeling up nose as if yo inhaled something bad which I haven't feel as if I'm going to loose it as it's going on for days don't know if it's my breathing or just anxious

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Oh sweetie, stop searching the Internet over and over again. It will only increase your anxiety as you become more obsessed with it. I know from experience. 😳 I personally think that you are hypersensitive to every change and symptom to your body and that you're panicking over a sensation you are not familiar with or are creating psychosomaticly. I struggle with doing this so I can see the signs of it in someone else VERY well lol. You will be just fine. Try to relax. 😊


I'm not sure I quite understand, except that I understand feeling not able to breathe and that's scary. When I feel super stuffed up from my allergies I use a neti pot and it clears things immediately in my case. Neti pots sound gross but they really work and clear up your nose. You can buy a set with the pot and saline packets at any drugstore. You just have to use distilled or purified water, not drinking water. worth a try?


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