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Anxiety or???

Hi everyone around 4 weeks ago I felt fine then after a long bike ride I had an episode of atrial fibrillation, since then I've been in a constant panic, googling things and I've noticed last 2 days a tight chest and pain down my left arm.....not sure if it's the anxiety or I have angina or something heart related.....anyone else have this......thinking of going to A&E to get checked out but very very scared, I'm soon to be 40 and had no symptoms before the episode of atrial fibrilation

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I can understand why this would concern you & when we have anxiety we always think the worse scenario & usually it is something totally the opposite & nothing serious

I maybe would go & get checked out either at the Doctors or if necessary A&E to put my mind at rest

Age is just a number & 40 they say is where life begins so stay positive , get checked out & then start to look at your anxiety & how better you can deal with it ...Good Luck x


I went to gym 6 weeks ago, had fried breakfast, 5 cups tea and pre training caffiene drink, training in sweat top. Ended up in hospital 3 times since, all tests fine, feeling lie passing out a lot, had lots of palpitations ,agrenaline at night, cant train hard anymore or more then 30 minutes, on a mild beta blocker, going to cardiologist 1 june, hope its just stress and anxiety.


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