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For the ladies-has anxiety/stress ever delayed your period?

It is unlike me to have a late period. Normally I start early. Twice in the last year, my cycle has been later than usual at 31 days. However, I'm about 7 days late and I've not had sex in a few years so that can't be the issue. I've been spotting brown since yesterday and have had all the symptoms of being on my period but it is taking it's sweet time and is giving me anxiety lol. My mom said it's just from the stress I've had in the last few weeks with the death of my uncle and extreme financial stress. I really just wNted to know if any of you ladies have experienced menstrual issues from anxiety or stress. I'm pretty sure my worrying over it isn't encouraging it to start either lol.

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Defiantly. Stress can mess with your periods. It throughs your hormones out of wack. But just to be safe I would go to the doctors. Could be nothing. But to clear your mind of it just see a doc. Hope you feel better!


Thank you, Jean! It seems to be starting more normal this morning. However, I'm going to monitor it through the weekend and if it continues this, will call the doctor Monday. I've been through a lot of pressure in the last month so that is probably it. The things women have to go through sometimes haha!

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Hi, it always messes with mine! I'm not due on for another week but I'm currently really stressed and keep spotting brown and having odd cramps. Is there anything anxiety doesn't mess with?! Xx


Anxiety can delay, speed up, shorten, and completely skip your period all together. My periods used to be a breeze. Ever since my anxiety started, I really dont like that time of month.


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