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Feel so terrible feel like I got something stuff in my throat like crit , I'm feeling as if I'm going to stop breathing. Iv had a toothache all day bad one and Iv took painkillers now I'm scared Iv OD

Iv took all day

1 antidepressant

1 propranolol

3 antibiotics


I'm just sitting here so upset, it's my birthday today and I'm thinking what if I die on my birthday 😢 don't even want to go sleep so scared

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Happy birthday Kaaayla :) this is the last thing u should be thinking about why don't u go for a nice stroll to calm your thoughts.


Got a really bad toothache Iv tried everything what's the best for it!!! Thank you. I'm knackered I don't wanna go outside at 1 in morning it's freezing x


Oh so a stroll won't help lol toothache are the worst and you have already took painkillers so I wouldn't suggest taking anymore is it your wisdom tooth?


happy birthday kaaayla i wish i could give you the present of good health ! toothache is the worst type of pain it makes you really fed up ! can you get to a dentist today if so i would its not worth waiting over the weekend ! take care and hope you feel better soon !


Happy birthday!!

Best thing is emergency appointment with a DENTIST!

It will sort your problem out for good hunny.

Please go. You won't feel any pain with all that in you. Don't drink alcohol till about 4 hours after last pain meds.

Call a dentist then go celebrate your birthday with a big smile xxxxxx


Toothache could also be caused from clenching your jaw.


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